Trouble with checklist report

“The trouble with a checklist report and an “on-site” computer generated report is- there is no thinking beyond the checklist and the software.”  -ACE

Many of these inspection reports are merely computer generated checklists which inspectors follow box by box.  The thinking is removed from the process.  These reports may look nice, but are found in many courts of law due to the inadequacy of the information.


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  1. Hagar says:

    Having the test done or not is really a personal decision. People who have a finished basement that they plan to use are those most likely to have the test, although others have the test just as a caution. The test might also be appropriate for homes on a slab.What I’ve been told by inspectors is that the test’s reading can vary from one season to the next, or due to the temp or barometric reading. In other words, a test done in the summer (or winter) may indicate a safe level, while a subsequent test in the winter (or summer) may indicate mitigation needs to be done.

    1. ACE Moderator says:

      First, thanks for your comments, however, these should be be in the radon section, as it is assumed that is what your comments relate.
      When purchasing a home, the test time or season is not controllable due to the inspection contingency period required by the real estate purchase contract. But if one already is in the home, then another test or better yet, a long term test can be done.- the moderator

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