The following unsolicited testimonials were written by ACE customers.

March 31, 2022- Hi Robert, I wanted to thank you and your company for your professional, timely, and thorough service with respect to the property inspections. I also want to thank you for your help in this matter. Agnes L., Teaneck, NJ

May 12, 2021- Thank you Robert… Alidio couldn’t be more happy with your work yesterday. The time you took in explaining every detail is important to us both. We look forward to seeing the rest of your report and have already began speaking with Chris about some of our concerns. Thanks again.  Maria S. Colonia, NJ

December 7, 2020- “Great – thank  you so much (for the radon gas screening report)!  Also, the home inspection report was extremely detailed and helpful.  We will surely recommend you to anyone in the market for your services.  Take care and have a great rest of week!  Danielle, Cherry Hill, NJ

May 27, 2019- “Hi Robert, Hope all is well. I found the original home inspection you performed on our new home when we purchased in 1996. 23 years later you once again assisted us in what ended up being a very difficult situation with the fireplace. We are happy to report all was remedied successfully and we closed on May 21st.   Thanks to you and the integrity of the folks you brought on board like Ryan and Sons, we were spared not just in major dollars in repairs but a potential dangerous situation. We can’t thank you enough for all your guidance throughout this process.  God bless you and your family. Happy Memorial Day weekend!  Kind regards, Denise & Mike, Happy homeowners, Mendham

April 23, 2019- Robert’s the man. Didn’t ask him anything that he was confused by – had an answer for everything. Great experience.  Joseph, So. Plainfield

June 28, 2017– “I can’t thank you enough for your extensive report, I’m going over it now again, and can’t believe how thorough it is. You’ve got a client for life whenever I need a property inspected in the future, and expect referrals if my friends purchase houses.  Throughout this entire process of the realtor, realtor’s attorney friend, you’ve been the ONE person who’s had my back. Your expertise through the process was thoroughly present & explained in a way where I could understand it and actually felt knowledgeable after the walk-through.  Please feel free to use me as a contact or testimony on your website. The detailed report was everything I expected and more, and saved me from a true money-pit.  Thank you again. The tips and knowledge from the walk-through is truly priceless knowing what I’ve avoided.  All the Best”, K

Sept. 10, 2013– “Hi Robert, Thank you so much again for the thorough inspection! You have helped us basically create a homeowner’s manual of this property and will be instrumental in our making an informed decision. We’re looking forward to reading this report thoroughly. As mentioned, you will have our referral for all future home inspection needs! Best, ”  Written by T. Zhang from Clifton NJ

December 15, 2012– Robert, Thanks so much for the amazing job you did! ”  Written by Jingjing and Feng from Livingston, NJ

Sept 18, 2012– “Hey Robert, This is great, thank you so much. You have no idea how much Kelly and I appreciated your help. It was a real pleasure talking with you and learning about this house. Thanks again, ”  Written by Brandon from Cranford, NJ
Sept. 8, 2012– “Hi Robert: Thank you for preparing the inspection report in a timely manner. I really appreciate the effort and manner in which you performed the inspection. You were professional, courteous and patient with me, answering all questions that I asked during the inspection .Also, I want to thank you for providing guidance on how to remediate certain defects noted during the inspection. I have only had a chance to read the report one time, however it is very comprehensive and well written. Again, thank you very much for your help. Regards, ” Written by Ira from Hillsborough

“July 27, 2011 – Hi Rob, Hope you are staying cool. Basement inspections must be the favorite part of your day! Please use me as a warning and case study for your future customers. You told me to have the A/C system checked and put under service contract before settlement. I was busy and it was new in 2008, so I didn’t bother. Guess what happened a few weeks after settlement? The A/C went out: -The former owners “couldn’t remember” who the A/C contractor was “and “couldn’t get to their files”. So, no warranty. – I had to replace the compressor, and also the blower in the attic had to be replaced. They also installed a freeze control. Total about $5,500. I should pull out your inspection and see what else you noted to work on, as long as I am at it. You have to stop by some evening or weekend for a drink and visit. Let me know when’s a good time. We haven’t had any house warming parties yet, we will when it cools off, I’ll let you know. ” Written by Tony from Westfield NJ

“July 19, 2011– Thank you for conducting the professional final walk-thru inspection! It has been a hectic closing day for me. I can’t imagine how more stressful the closing could have become, if I did not choose you to help me. I greatly appreciate your customer-focused service and quick turnaround. It was very efficient and informative for me and my family member to walk through the property with you just before the closing time. More importantly, you identified issues that were blocked by extensive storage before seller moved out. Your report is concise and effective. I obtained the deserved credits at closing table. Thanks a lot for the two inspections you have done for me! I learned a lot from you and are getting ready to own my first home. Please feel free to use me as your reference. I will stay in touch with you. Have a great summer!”
Written by Judy / Xueyi from North Edison, NJ

“May 10, 2011- Thank you, Robert for doing such a brilliant job. ” Written by Robin from Princeton, NJ

“March 28, 2011- “Mr. Fico, thank you for your thorough home inspection and great follow-up support. I sincerely appreciate your professionalism demonstrated in all aspects of my inspection process! You came to the property well prepared and took your time to inspect. It was very easy to work with you. I enjoyed learning details regarding your findings and maintenance reminders. Your well-written report is educational and informative. It’s very impressive that you do your job in the way that benefits buyers. Both of your inspection and the recommended follow-up inspection were well done and provided me with trustworthy information for making decisions and controlling risks in my transaction. Although I am a first-time buyer and not good at negotiations, I am better protected by choosing you as my home inspector. Please feel free to use me as your reference. I’ll be glad to share my experience!””
Written by Judy from North Edison, NJ
“June 15, 2010– I downloaded the reports and reviewed them very carefully. I really thank you for conducting a very thorough inspection and for documenting such in a very detailed report. Will discuss next steps with my lawyer. I may reach out to you soon with questions. Kind Regards, Pericles P.S. I know I will be recommending you to anybody that is interested in buying a home. Job well done and many thanks again.”
Written by Pericles from Mountainside, NJ

“March 11, 2010- Thanks, Bob so much for your great work. My lawyer told me that she has never seen such a thorough report and that it was a smart decision to use you. Please feel free to use me as a reference. Thanks.”
Written by Amy and Michael from Highland Park, NJ

“August 21, 2009 – We are returning customers. We were blessed to have Robert as our Home Inspector when we purchased our first home in Clifton, NJ in 2003. We were young, inexperienced, and had a new baby due in two months. Robert spent a good 3 hours and taught us everything about the house. All his findings are documented in a comprehensive report. Six years later, we are looking for a new house, and naturally reached out to Robert. Robert immediately responded our request, assembled a four-people team, conducted a through examination of the new house (6+ hours), and issued a detailed report with supporting photos online next day. Robert’s findings are so solid, Seller agreed 4 out 5 big items, and the last one is still in negotiation. If you want to know real conditions of your house, get a fair deal, and save thousands of dollars down to the road, you should have Robert as your inspector. Robert really cares his customers’ best interest, and wants to help us to avoid mistakes that could financially ruin our family. Robert, symbol of integrity, compassion, and professionalism! ”
Written by Thomas and Min from Inspections in Clifton and Glen Ridge, NJ

“April 30, 2009- “We highly recommend ACE Home Inspection. During the inspection of the property, Robert Fico was very courteous and professional, and his report was timely and quite thorough. He covered both the largest and the smallest imperfections. Hiring Robert was by far the best move we made in our search for a new home.” ”
Written by Scott and Nancy P.- Hoboken, NJ from Inspections in Maplewood and Short Hills, NJ

“February 9, 2009- Thank you very much for following up with us. We are moving forward with the purchase of the property you inspected and will definitely be in touch soon should we have any questions. We appreciate all the time you put into the reports – they were extremely helpful in the negotiations with the Seller. We will be happy to recommend your service to others.”
Written by Vanessa G from Inspection in Holmdel, NJ

“March 24, 2008– Robert, Thanks for doing the SECOND inspection on the same house. After our first inspection with another inspector was done, I knew I needed another inspection. I now know why a flashy web site and “on-site” generated report with a low price isn’t what one should be looking for when deciding on a home inspector. The not quite one hour of inspecting and an hour and a half waiting for the report was a waste of our time. The report he provided did little more that to tell us a window was cracked and the toilet bowl handle was loose- no real substance. Who needs a photo of a cracked window?!! Now I know why you stress being an ASHI member is so important, and that New Jersey licensing really does not qualify an inspector because it is so easy to obtain. Needless to say, your report was fantastic and pointed out some really, really major safety and cost items which need immediate attention. Thanks for doing the re-inspection!”
Written by Justin and Michelle from Inspection in Cranford, NJ

“January 5, 2008– I was quite embarrassed to call you after I selected another inspector to do our home inspection. The inspection and report he provided was absolutely HORRIBLE. He moved so fast he was a blur. I could not even ask a question; “it will be in the report”, I was bluntly told. I found this inspector on the INTERNET, and after some research, found out he was from a new “virtual” association, an association of new inspectors. He seemed to be inexperienced and did not know his job. I expected more from a NJ LICENSED inspector. I was annoyed that the inspection lasted only an hour when I was told it would be 2-3. The inspector also recommended we contact and electrician, a plumber, roofer, deck contractor and others to do further inspections to tell me in detail what was wrong, and which all cost money. What did I pay him for? This low cost inspection turned out to be very expensive for us. The inspector asked the realtor and the homeowner to send the radon back. I found out also this is illegal and certainly does not serve MY interest. I am sorry I did not call you and now know why their price is much lower than yours. I know better now and I will call ACE if this one doesn’t work out. My mother always said I learned things the hard way.”
Written by Bill and Lauren from Inspection in Maplewood, NJ

“October 23, 2007– Robert, I just was not comfortable with the report I received from the home inspector my realtor recommended to use. Although the inspection seemed to be inclusive and turned out a few problems we were not aware of, the report we received showed everything as glowing and more of a testament to why we should buy the house. It could not be used to re-negotiate these substantial cost items. As a first time homebuyer, I felt taken advantage of by these people, did not feel comfortable with this process at all, and cancelled the contract. My attorney gave me your name, and subsequently found out what a real home inspection is all about, and what a report that objectively and accurately reflects the true condition of the house is, not some realtor’s tool to help them close the deal. You are a true professional. Now I now why the realtor’s inspector was so cheap!”
Written by Mike and Carole from Westfield, NJ

“August 6, 2007– Hi Robert, Well, the house is ours–we got $10,000 worth of credits–not great, not bad, I guess–about half or a little less than what we first asked for. Now begins the real work…By the way, much thanks for your help and professionalism. We are now looking for someone to redo the outside of the house. The more I look into paint stripping and doing it the right way, the more I realize we need someone who really knows what he/she is doing. Wondering if you knew of anyone who restores exteriors of old houses. Thanks again. ”
Written by Laura from Inspections in Princeton, NJ

“Nov. 1, 2007– Robert: Hi, hope all is well. The EIFS failed the inspection and the seller is prepared to pay for removal and replacement with concrete stucco. Do you have a reference for the basement fire blocking that I could pass on to my attorney to use in his letter to the seller’s attorney? Thanks again for a job well done. I’d be happy to serve as a reference should you need one up in this area. Regards. ”
Written by Dr. Wayne from Inspection in Woodcliff Lake, NJ

“September 7, 2007– Hi, Robert, I only had a chance to glance at the inspection report you did for the house we’re planning to buy in Belmar. I want to compliment you on the great job you did and the thorough report you put together in only two days! Brenda was right in her high recommendation of you, and I’ll be pleased to recommend you in the future. Thank you for your help and expertise. Best wishes. ”
Written by CF from Belmar, NJ

“August 7, 2007– Hi Robert, Thanks for doing such a thorough inspection for us. We really appreciate the time/detail you took with the exterior and basement as these were our main concerns. Right now I think we are going to walk away from the property vs. trying to get the seller to fix everything. It seems as though there is just too much wrong. We will be sure to use you again for the next house we find (assuming this one falls through). Thanks for taking the extra time – In this market of everyone trying to take advantage of everyone else, it is reassuring to work with a quality/honest person! Thanks for the report and advice. ”
Written by KK & AT from Glen Ridge, NJ

“June 7,2007- First of all, thanks for the very thorough inspection yesterday. This is our third house purchase and this was leaps and bounds above the others in terms of thoroughness. After reviewing our notes, we have some serious concerns about the safety and structural issues uncovered during the inspection. We didn’t anticipate such a long list and are worried about the long term effects if the problems are not corrected. Our anticipation is that the sellers would remedy these concerns. ”
Written by Tom & Jessa C. from Inspection in Westfield, NJ

“May 17, 2006- Robert, I hope all is well. As I shared with you before, you are my Home Inspector for life. I am considering purchasing another home and would like to schedule for you to do the home inspection.”
Written by Theresa from Somerset, NJ

“May 16, 2006- Thanks. We’re continuing to look at other houses in case (deleted) doesn’t work out and would like to use you again for inspection.”
Written by Richard from Cranford, NJ

“May 10, 2006- Yes we are walking away from the house, because you are a rockstar, we had enough info to show us the way. Thanks for all of your help! We look forward to working together again on the next house.”
Written by Ted from Inspection in Chatham, NJ

“March 31, 2006- We have canceled. I receive final notification today from my Lawyer. In my opinion there was just too many faults with the house to proceed. Thanks again for your thorough evaluation. You saved us from a major headache. When we find another house we will give you a call. We will also recommend you to our friends.”
Written by Dan from Madison, NJ

“September 9, 2005- Hi Robert, I wanted to let you know that Joyce and I have decided to back out of the purchase of the home at xx Ann Road. We have asked for concessions and or repairs and the seller refused completely to comply. We greatly appreciate your expertise in the home inspection. If we had used another company we would have had to pay 40k+ for repairs immediately after moving into this home. Also our attorney had stated that they have never seen a inspection report that has this amount of detail. We will be contacting you shortly for another inspection as we are looking at homes again. Thanks again! P.S. Feel free to use this letter as a reference for your company.”
Written by Andrew & Joyce R from Iselin NJ

“September 2, 2005– Robert…Thank you for an excellent home inspection report!!…Susan P.S. I will highly recommend you to others in need of a home inspection!”
Written by Susan R from Skillman, NJ

“July 12, 2005– Fico is great. Used him twice. Very, very thorough. Very quick turn around. Photos, diagrams, he did it all. Based on his report we were able to knock several thousand off of our purchase price. He’s not cheap, but he’s worth it………. (I called Fico and he is a couple of hundred dollars more than some others. It might be money well spent, but only if he is significantly better than others. I guess it’s hard to know)…………. Obviously it’s your call, but compared to what a very good inspector can save you, $200 is a drop in the bucket. Fico is known as a deal killer ’cause he finds stuff others miss. Relators hate him for that reason. ”
Written by conversation between two people from Maplewood Online

“February 18, 2005– Robert; I was able to go to your web site and retrieve the inspection report without any problems. Thank you for your professionalism. I did a walk-through with the site supervisor to point out the deficiencies. My attorney was impressed with your work. God bless and good luck with future business success. In Happiness and Health”
Written by Wilbur from Old Bridge, NJ

“January 12, 2005– We didn’t buy the house. We are fully confident in the work that you did and happy with it and was well worth the time and the money. We are in the process of trying to find a home so we will give you a call soon as we do find something to do another inspection for us.” ”
Written by Lindsay and Ryan from Chatham Township, NJ

“August 11, 2004– Robert: Thank you for a wonderful job. This move is good, but tramatic. You make it feel safer. Many thanks. ”
Written by Carol from Ocean Township, NJ

“September 29, 2004– We just wanted to say thank you for all your help. On first glance, the reports look VERY thorough and detailed. (I’ll be reading it on a plane to Denver tonight where I’ll read it more thoroughly.) You were so good to explain everything to us and answer all our questions, we really appreciate it. If ever you need a reference, please feel free to use us.”
Written by Cheryl and Terren from Chatham, NJ

“September 24, 2004– Thank you for a thorough home inspection and report. Art and I have decided not to proceed with the purchase. I wanted to let you know we were both satisfied with your service and professionalism.”
Written by Claudia from New Providence, NJ

“July 8, 2004– I gave a few of these inspectors a call and went with Robert Fico. He’s a nice guy who is very thorough and provides detailed reports. He is very good with communicating via email, which is a quality that I would hope to get from any service-oriented business. He also emailed a copy of the report to both me and my attorney as soon as it was completed. After leaving messages with the inspectors listed above, Robert was the first to call me back and was able to squeeze me in on short notice. The others either didn’t have availability or called me back a few days late. I tagged along with him during the inspection, and he explained everything to me on the spot. Everything was put into the completed report along with photos. The inspection lasted 3 hours and he found a number of things to be concerned about – not cosmetic issues.”
Written by Kevin T. from South Orange Maplewood Online

“June 25, 2004– You’re right about Fico. The realtors HATE him, and to me that’s a great endorsement. NEVER use an inspector who is recommended by a realtor. FICO’s report was the reason we backed out of our deal. And since I was with him for all 8 hours of the inspection, I know he didn’t exaggerate anything. He’s just really good (and still involved in the inspectors association, from what I understand.) ”
Written by Anonymous from South Orange Maplewood Online

“June 23, 2004– An interesting story about Robert Fico. The sellers of our house sold it as-is. As a result, we wanted to hire a Home Inspector to look at the place prior to the close of attorney review. At first, the sellers said yes. Then Nancy Gould of Remax, the seller’s agent, called me to cancel the meeting. I argued that we want to buy the house as is, but not to let me use an inspector is unrealistic. And no one would accept those conditions. Nancy asked me who my inspector was. I said Ron Meyer. They said OK as long as it wasn’t Robert Fico. (deleted) was very good in my opinion but I have nothing to compare him to. However, at least three realtors mentioned a strong dislike for Robert Fico. They said he’s a deal killer and exaggerates. To me that probably means he’s very good. I later found out through (deleted)that Robert Fico use to be president of the NJ association of home inspectors (or something like that.)”
Written by Anonymous from South Orange Maplewood Online

“June 23, 2004– Try Robert Fico (908) 232-8909. He’s in a different league from many of the inspectors you see mentioned on these boards. His reports are extremely thorough, and provide you with what is in essence a user’s manual to your new home. When we were buying our home in South Orange, Fico’s report caused us to back out of the first deal we had. He found a lot of problems that were unfixable. We used him again a few weeks later when we found another house. We went through with that deal, and his inspection report enabled us to negotiate down the price of the home by nearly 10K.”

Written by Anonymous from South Orange Maplewood Online

“June 12, 2004- Robert, Thank you for your thorough inspection today. It was a valuable experience. My wife and I have learned a great deal today. Hopefully, all goes well with the seller and he meets our major concerns. I’m sure we’ll be talking again soon. Have a good weekend! ”
Written by Hercules from Rahway, NJ

“June 3, 2004– Thanks, Mr. Fico. I really appreciate your quick response and I think I’ll frame your report when I move into my home. It is a work of art. I plan on following your suggestions , which are very helpful. Thank You.”
Written by Alba from Clark, NJ

“February 18, 2004– Good morning Robert. Thanks so much for your expertise. Unfortunately we will not be purchasing the home. The seller refuses to negotiate on anything. Can you believe that? We may be waiting a while before we look again, however when that time comes we will certainly call on you. Regards. ”
Written by Kunda from Somerset, Franklin Township, NJ

“February 3, 2004– I must thank you for excellent work. Your inspection report is very comprehensive and explains everything in detail. I’m very impressed and would gladly refer you to my friends. Thanks again. ”
Written by Shailendra from Edison, NJ

“August 24, 2001– Thank you for your fine service. You saved me a lot of money. With out your particular style and depth of service, just look at what I would have bought, only trouble! I am very impressed with your work. Again, thank you!”

Written by Joe from Elizabeth, NJ

“September 14, 1998– I can’t tell you how terrific Robert A. Fico at ACE Home Inspection is. He is incredibly thorough and nice. His report was incredibly detailed and actually helped us to see that the home we had bid on and was in contract with was a time bomb. So, we broke our contract and will continue looking.”
Written by AGR from the Maplewood Online Message Board

“July 10, 1998– Robert, I received all 21 pages of the faxed report. Thank you for a thorough job, I am pleased. Now I have in writing the tools required to make a decision with no surprises later. Thank you so much for a job well done. Your type of work is something I do not see very often.”

Written by Lee C. from South Brunswick, NJ

February 14, 1997– Having been pleased with your expertise, we’ll recommend your services to others.”

Written by Rosemary from Caldwell, NJ

April 29, 1996– Please let me take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and advice. It was very nice working with you and if I know anyone who needs an inspection, I would definitely refer you. Thank you again”

Written by Joe and Kim from Linden, NJ

“April 17, 1995– We’ve been in the house now and just put up the CO detector you got us. Many thanks! It was really kind of you. We are so happy, things are going well with the house and it’s giving us a lot of pleasure.”
Written by Meryl from Westfield, NJ

“July 5, 1994– Dear Robert, We have been meaning to write you to thank you for the fantastic job you did for us on the inspection of our new place. We just moved in and your report is providing us with a great “things to do” list to fix the place up. If you ever need a reference, please feel free to have any of your prospective clients give us a call! We’ll be happy to tell them how good you were! Even our attorney told us he had never seen such a detailed and thorough inspection report. Thanks again!”

Written by Laurie and Dave from Cranford, NJ

“April 19, 1994 – I was very satisfied with the report. It was very thorough. Thanks again for doing such a good job.”
Written by Alice from Toms River, NJ