Robert Fico’s Experience

  • Many years of experience working In Inspection, Construction, Design and Engineering Fields
  • 33rd year performing Full-Time Home Inspections, and Commercial and Industrial Building inspections
  • NJ State Licensed Inspector #16 – (24GI00011600) Not All Home Inspectors Are Licensed BUYER BEWARE!
  • Past President – Garden State (NJ) ASHI®
  • Past Director – ASHI® International
  • Past Member ICC – International Code Council
  • Commercial Pesticide Applicator NJ License #25453A
  • New Jersey Dept. of Community Affairs (DCA) – Uniform Construction Code (UCC) License #009785- New Home Construction Code specialist
    • Construction Official
    • Building Sub Code Official
    • Building Inspector – HHS
    • Mechanical Inspector – 1 & 2 Family
  • EPA Asbestos Building Inspector
  • NJ DCA Master HVACR Contractor license #19HC00666900 
  • NJ Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor (inactive)

Robert Fico has many years of hands-on experience in engineering project management, technical writing, construction and the building trades.  Robert keeps abreast of industry developments through continuing education and professional seminars for his numerous professional licenses and certifications, and has many years of residential and commercial building inspection experience.  Commitment to continuing education is indicative of professionalism and service to the consumer.

We use state of the art inspection and diagnostic equipment such as Thermal/Infrared Camera, Combustion and Carbon Monoxide Gas Detectors, temperature and humidity measurement devices, electrical test equipment, and others.

Termite and Wood Destroying insect (WDI) Inspections are conducted by staff and outside N.J. Dept. of Environmental Protection & Energy (NJ DEP) Registered Commercial Pesticide Applicators.

Radon gas screenings are conducted by staff – Certified NJ DEP Radon Measurement Technician through a NJ DEP Certified Radon Measurement Business.

Oil Tank Searches and Tank Integrity Testing is provided by state certified, licensed and insured technicians.   We can arrange these services for you.

Chimney Level II inspections are provided by state certified, licensed and insured technicians.   We can arrange these services for you.

Sewer Line Camera Inspections are provided by state certified, licensed and insured technicians.   We can arrange these services for you.

We do not make repairs as we consider this a conflict of interest. Our only business is unbiased building inspection & expert consultation.

An Independent Buyer’s Inspector

  • Our client is the home or building purchaser and our duty and responsibility is to them and them only
  • There is none of the common interference or influence from the “deal stakeholders”, such as SELLERS, REAL ESTATE listing and sales AGENTS and BROKERS during the inspection and report formulation
  • ACE provides strictly confidential services as required under NJ state regulations and ASHI® standards of practice.

Ethical Service

    • We have no business relationships with “stakeholders” (conflict of interest)
    • We DO NOT participate in “preferred vendor” or “concierge” programs (PAY to PLAY).  Independent referrals are based on our providing professional ethical service to past clients

    Full Disclosure

    • We are in compliance with the New Jersey Home Inspector Statues and Regulations Chapter 40, Sub Chapter 15
    • Our inspections and reports are FACTUAL, OBJECTIVE and COMPREHENSIVE
    • We do not flavor, color, or f i l t e r… our findings, you get real information
    • You get the unbiased truth

    Peace of Mind & Reduced Anxiety

    • We include all facts about the condition of home or building (full disclosure), you are then armed to make an informed purchase decision
    • Highest quality Inspection Reports
    • Our custom inspection reports have been developed, updated & finely honed over the years.
    • Thorough, detailed reports with complete explanations, complete with embedded digital photographs (ACE was one of first to use these back in 2000), and illustrative graphics.
    • Quick report turnaround usually within 2-4 days, depending on scope of inspection.
    • Narrative style report with color photo illustrations and written in layman’s terms.
    • ACE Customers have secure access to reports online anytime, from any Internet connected computer or mobile phone, through the ACE website “private pages”.
    • Professional Service
    • Questions answered during your home buying process, via e-mail or telephone, and after you move in.
    • Additional inspections, re-inspections

    What You Will Not Get …

    • An adjunct to marketing and sales
    • Sales support for the realtor- reinforcement of your decision to purchase in spite of inspection findings.
    • A limited scope inspection
    • An inspection which “fits” the low quoted price (risk from false economy is high)
    • A report short on details, which does not explain significance of findings or advises you what the inspection findings mean to you
    • A check-list report or an “on-site” report (same as above), whether handwritten or more likely a computer generated checklist (the same)
    • An inspection which is biased (risk from false security)
    • A report with lots of “boiler plate and fluff”
    • Understated or exaggerated inspection and reporting