Home Inspection Horror Stories

Recently, when retrieving a radon test, a home seller of a house I just inspected told me (her’s was unsolicited commentary) how her home inspector took less than half the time (2 hours) to do her new house which was twice as large (perhaps 5000 or more ft. sq.), and twice as expensive (who cares!, not me), as the one she was presently selling. This is not something to brag or be proud about! The chances of her inspector missing something HUGE is likely. It may end up to be a costly inspection for her. She may pay after she moves in and finds the problem herself. She can call me (she won’t) if she needs to know if her inspector should have seen it at the inspection, but more likely will call her lawyer. Her inspector was likely a realtor referral. Meanwhile, this seller’s buyer (my client) just sold her house. An inspection was just done, and she just found out her buyer’s inspector found thousands of dollars of damage that her inspector missed when she bought the house a few years ago. She got that inspector from the realtor, which may have been the same realtor (and perhaps the inspector also). After I retire, this will be in my book, which I may call HOME INSPECTION HORROR STORIES. I may name names.

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